Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a crippling arthropathy characterised by pain, swelling, stiffness leading to deformity. Herbal treatment both external and internal provided by Dr.Thas offers freedom from these conditions without any side effect. The treatment given normalises abnormal renal and liver functions obsvered in some of the patients with this condition.


Dr.M.Selvin Innocent Dhas said...

Dear doctor ,
Kindly mention the success rate in RA.
If a patient is suffering for 5 yrs and more, Will your medicine respond??
Kindly reply

rajalakshmi said...

respected sir nw im doing my under graduate in siddha in chennai my mother is suffering from RA for past five years and also taking allopathic medicines i heared that RA doesnt have complete cure is it true ???
please give me details about tis.
can u treat her ???and releive her completely from RA
we already take some ayurvedic medicines also kindly inform me about this
my contact id s

Anonymous said...

Iam also suffering from ra for the past two years. will you be able to help me doctor for a complete cure?
my contact id is

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Its amazing that you can withstand the pain for such a long time. As for me i couldn't stand it after 3 days. Don't try cutting it with a nail clipper as it will get deeper.