Sunday, September 10, 2006


Dr. J. Joseph Thas, B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M.Sc., (Pharmacology) Ph.D., D.Sc.,
Head of Pharmacology Department,
Post Graduate Studies and Research Centre
Government Siddha Medical College
Tirunelveli - 627 002.

Dr. J. Joseph Thas, B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M.Sc., (Pharmacology) Ph.D., D.Sc.
Muthu Damian Hospital,
78, Trivandrum Road,
Tirunelveli - 627 002
Tamilnadu, India
Phone no :
mobile +91 94434 56518
+91 462 - 2573725
+91 462 - 2580982

Dr. J. Joseph Thas, B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M.Sc., (Pharmacology) Ph.D., D.Sc.
20,A Pudupet Middle Street,
Tamilnadu, India


Anonymous said...

i have impotecy problem so ineed to take medicens so givr instruction to take treatment but im in chennai

Anonymous said...

Give your mail ID

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been Suffering from Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears) for the last three ears. I have tried numerous medicines to no success. I do not have any ear damage or tumours, Since the MRI revelead none. Have you ever treate Tinnitus Succesfully?

Anonymous said...

My father has severe psoriasis & arthritis for quite sometime. Please advise how do we get the oils & other medications from you as we live in Bangalore.
My contact is

Anonymous said...

I am from Malaysia.I am suffering from low blood pressure. Can the solution from mimosa pudica help me?OR which siddha medicine can help me?I am consuming mimosa pudica extract from India to get rid of cholestrol.Please advise.

Anonymous said...

I have been suffering from Psoriasis from past five years. I had used Allopathi, Unani, Homeopathi medicienes in different periods. From past one and half years I have been using homeopathic medicines of Dr.Batras, which has given some possitive results. But brown patches over forelegs which are formed earlier stages 4 years ago are not going off. Could you please suggest some better oil of yours for external application. My details : Rajashekhar, Bangalore, Mobile.98449 00700

mahesh said...

sir ,i hav erectile dysfunction probs for the past 2 years . i am masturbating from my childhood ,now im 33yrs old , my masturbating position is doing in the bed . so pls advice me vat shd i do ,,, do u hav any medice for that pls reply me

Anonymous said...

sir i am an ayurvedic student final year , i am planning to set up ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit , please tell me the procedure to be follow for registration and where to register,how is the market now pl guide me sir,
please sent me your view to

Unknown said...

hello sir,
i am married.i have overian chocolate cyst problem. i did laproscopic but again it came. one time i did IVF that possible to overcome in siddha treatment. please give me a reply sir...

Unknown said...

hello sir,
i am married.i have overian chocolate cyst. i did laproscopic but again it came. i did IVF also.please sir is that possible to overcome this problem in id is

dr kumar said...

i have been suffeering from psoriasis for the past 25 years , it disappears and appears on and other medical complaints, normal health, now at present the lesion has aggrevated in both the legs i am in chennai and a doctor by profession kindly advice

Unknown said...

Hello Dr.
My father has been suffering from diabetics. His age is 69. He took allopathic treatment for past 4 years. Now his blood creatinine level 10 mg/dl and urea level 225 mg/dl. Now he had in bed and hiccups also. Please help for reduce the urea and creatinine level fastly. Our location is Nagercoil my Mobile No. 9842081536.

Anonymous said...


I am suffering from Psoriasis from past 12 years, tried all types of medicines but there is no improvement, please suggest me some medicine for permanent cure.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Joseph Thas ,
My son Basith studying +2, origin Indian, 17 3/4 years old, living in UK with my parents past 7 years. In 2003 in UK my GP discovered my Proteinuria , Haematuria

Please see my nephrologist report Attached for your convenience

His weight 69.3kg Height 175.3cm, BP 124/78mmHg
Urinalysis showed +++ proteinuria and +++ Haematuria.

Haemoglobin 13.6g/dl --------13 to18 normal

His creatinine being 317 umol/l -----normal 60 to 110
with a urea of 12mmol/l.----------- normal 2.5 to 7.5
Urea and electrolytes showed that his renal function had deterioated further

Liver function satisfactory though his serum albumin had dropped to 24g/l --- normal 36 to 52
commensurate with an increase in his urine albumin creatnine ratio.
Fasting blood samples confirmed that he is hypercholesterolaemic with a raised non-HDL Cholesterol of 6.33mmol/l-----normal 5.5

Biopsies done 2006 and 2008

(Tacrolimus 3mg twice a day,Enalapril 20mg daily,Losartan 50mg daily)
above 3 medicines Stopped by doctor on 20/08/2011 because its not respond his kidney

Current medication now with ,Alfacalcidol 0.25(Vit D) micrograms ,Simvastatin and Folic Acid 5 mg daily. I will be coming to india within the next 10 days can you book an appointment and if you could give me your opinion and management on this.

yadhav said...
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yadhav said...
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yadhav said...
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Anonymous said...

Last one year I am suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome.
I took almost all test went different different doctor took different antidepressants body becomes worst now
I don't how to recover
I try even ayurveda but I am stomach upset heart palpitations.
My symptom are
anxiety, ,Sleep problem all over joint pain, Nevers pain, eating disorder, pain back pain...Always
Morning heart beat 85 - 90, never cramping, blurred vision, gastric Gerd and many more....

Last one year took all test and lost most money.
Which doctors I go they antidepressants but if I use conditions become worse never become stiff not able walk.

Sir I almost lost hope. Sir is it possible to recover???.
Please do a reply

jhon said...

The patient began responding to simple orders that had been impossible before and was able to follow an object with his eyes and turn his head upon request. Learn More