Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chronic Renal Failure

In Chronic Renal Failure, the herbal preparation used by Dr.Thas remarkably lowers the serum urea and creatinine. Even in people with contracted kidneys,with minimal renal function, the treatment works. Fatigue, hopelessness disappear and they lead almost normal life.


Anonymous said...

Respected sir,
pl help me.My father is having cardiac problem and taking medicine and he is having blood sugar ,taking insulin 15/5 .Now his blood sugar is 82/90 and bp is 118/80.
But my worrying factor is now his increasing urea creatine 2.2/63
Pl sir help me.What to do
His age is 63.He has been taking homeopathy medicine life long except now continuing allopathy.Hope u'll help id is

Anonymous said...

The following are the blood content position of my wife aged 52
who is under dialisis now.
urea : 60
bp 140/90
kindly help me

Anonymous said...

Respected sir,

I am 45 years old and undergoing dialysis since Sep, 09. My diabetes and hypertension are under control. I took ayurvedic medicine for six months, but in vain. I belong to a middle class family and my earning is the only source of income for my family, I cannot afford dialysis as it is very expensive. Now I am undergoing dialysis once a week. My only problem is increase in urea and creatinine to high levels sometimes up to 204 and 9.8 respectively if I skip dialysis for 1 to 1-1/2 months. please help me sir.