Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friends of Siddha Medicine

Friends of Siddha Medicine (FSM) is doing the yeoman service of dissipating the knowledge of Siddha Medicine for the benefit of the whole human race . For this purpose it is conducting National and International conferences on Siddha Medicine . In February 24 and 25 ,2001 FSM organised a National conference at Tirunelveli on Siddha Medicine For All Ages . In this conference 325 delegates from allover India participated and 135 Research papers were presented . Currently FSM is organising an International Conference on Siddha Medicine to be held in the year 2002 . FSM is creating awareness among the public about the effectiveness of Siddha herbal drugs . It encourages people to raise their own kitchen herbal gardens . It has highlighted the effectiveness of herbal drugs in the prevention and treatment of Leptospirosis . FSM has got its own model herbal garden . It lends its experitsefor the formulations and manufacture of herbal drugs . It conducts regular Siddha medical camps and does many more such social work.

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