Sunday, September 10, 2006


Even now this is a rare skin disease of high morbidity and mortality. Glucocorticoids and immunosuppresive drugs like azathioprine, methotrexate and cyclophosphomide are the main stay to keep the disease under control. Victims of this disease suffer either from the complications of the disease or drugs used to treat.

By holistic approach , combining native treatment with allopathy , Dr.Thas is able to withdraw immunosuppresive drugs and overcome the complications like infection , abnormal liver and renal functions, loss of appetite, vomiting etc. His treatment has avoided frequent hospitalisation. The patients feel hale and healthy with minimum drugs.

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Unknown said...

Im senthil from trichy.
My aunty is suffering from pemphigus for the past 6 months, she is getting treatment from a siddha doctor who is in Chennai, though she is not completely satisfied and i need to make it clear whether it is curable in siddha. if u have positive answers please make a reply to my mail,because we are in great confusion....